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Phantom Christian? A Spiritual Tragedy !

One late night the disciples of Jesus were struggling with the storm in the sea in their fishing boat for the disciples including their spokesman or lead disciple Peter had not given up the fishing business in contrary to the Christian teaching. The wind was harsh; the waves were beating the boat throwing it back and forth. बThe desperate fishermen were trying to keep themselves and boat from drowning, suddenly they saw a figure walking on the far distance on the water. They rubbed their eyes and stare in horror at the walking figure, and in dead freight they shouted out, “Ghost! Ghost!”

Then they heard the sweet gentle voice of Jesus who said, “Be happy. It is I; don’t be afraid.”

The disciples still did not believe it was Jesus especially Peter when he was not yet “converted” or has perfected the art of turning self to Jesus. Jesus did not come to convert anyone; He did not come to reform anyone or the dysfunctional society of His day but to inform that God loves everyone. To accept this alone is the reason to live in this world however temporary it may be. And for this message He was willing to suffer and die on the cross just as a mother does in order to give birth to a child.
So, Peter, wanted to be sure that it was not a ghost but Jesus, he asked, “Well, if it is You, please tell me to come to You!” Why did not he jump from the boat and run to Him? He could have swam toward Him, but he was struggling with the doubts, and really he wanted to walk as Jesus walked on the water for no one has walked on the water in history (except a lizard named Jesus Christ that must had been named long after). So, the prayer of Peter was answered and said, “Come.” It was an exceptional answered prayer, for not all prayers are answered. Some prayers are answered right away, some prayer not answered at all like the prayer of last days of King Saul, the first king of Israel, and some prayers are not answered at all according to the wisdom of God and also the Bible is quite clear if husband fight with a wife or mistreat her, God will not hear his prayer. Jesus knew there was no virtue in Peter walking on the water but He simply honored his request so He said come. Sure enough Peter took courage and put his feet on the water and started to walk on the water. Wow! Peter must have felt, “Look no one else is walking on the water except me! I must be a duplicate Jesus!” Perhaps he even looked back at his friends or to himself in pride. May be the pride or storm or wave stood between him and Jesus or whatever reason, he the mighty fisherman swimmer began to drown. He lost the presence of mind to swim but the presence of faith within him cried out, “Lord save me!” Immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand and lifted him and said, “Oh, Peter, what a tiny faith you have. Why did you doubt Me?” Jesus lifts him up, carries him to the storm tossed boat, and when Jesus steps in the storm dies out. In awe the disciples worship Him.
The disciples were still baby in the knowledge of the Bible. For the Bible is clear that there is no such thing as ghost which is normally believe in world religions or culture that the dead ones come in the ghostly formed. The Bible declares the dead know nothing once it is dead. However the Bible also acknowledge the existence of ghost called “familiar spirit” which means the Satan or the devil or his fallen angels or demon beings can impersonate the dead ones to frighten or mesmerize the living people.
But the point this article I want to bring out is when one does not have true biblical faith even so called mighty Christians can see Jesus as a ghost rather than the Savior for them. A ghost is an impersonate being which is not real but look like real. The founders of first century Christian church Apostle Peter, Paul and John were tried to run over by those people who claim themselves Christians while they were not. Those claimed Christians were betraying other fellow Christians even going to courts which was illegalized both by Jesus and Paul, they were suffering from being all kinds of wickedness, they were deceiving they were insincere or hypocrites, they were holding grudges against each other, they were jealous, they were blackmailing fellow believers, they were speaking evil at their mighty way or doing the investigative judgments or finding faults of other believers in order to pull down and demoralize them which they were not asked to do. Peter spells out this in his letter to the followers of Jesus of his day, who were not living up to the names they were called (1 Peter 2:1). There was so much fighting in the church to get position that when a beloved disciple and well aged John went to visit a church there was a man of influential and perhaps even a scholarly personality calling himself a Christian refused to meet him because he could not be the president of the church organization (3 John 9). So much so that once persecutors of Christians turned into the imminent follower of Jesus, Apostle Paul came heavy handed on so called Christians of his days, “You are the ones who are still crucifying Christ!” (Hebrew 6:6). In other words the ghost Christians are more responsible for destroying the essence of Christniti than those unbelieving people who do not believe in Jesus. And the Peter and Paul said, “Come on! Be like baby who loves to cling on to his mother to suck the milk which is the word of God” (1 Peter 2:2, 1 Cor 3:1). So the real Christians are those who cling on to the word of God for his moral, spiritual even physical power and be grafted in Jesus but not just be drafted (John 15:1-7).
Yes, for one thousand years of history of Christianity (500 AD to 1500 AD), history records the persecution of Christians by so called Christians. William Tyndale, the man who translated the Bible in English language was burnt alive on the stake in tenth century! It was so called Christians who wanted to persecute Gutenberg who printed the first printing machine and the Bible was the first printed in it. It was obvious that the greatest enemy of Christians happened to be those who call themselves Christians regardless of denominations because they want to dominate. In other clear word, one has to find a right reason to be afraid of many Christians who are merely ghost form than real. A real Christian is like Jesus, who rather suffers rather than makes other suffer even in the name of religion or justice. What a poignant thought Jesus Himself declared, “When I come will there be any real believer who prays without being tired” (Luke 18:1) rather than making other prey?” (Paraphrased). Starting from the life of Christ till now Christniti has always suffered from the ghost Christian. It can certainly be called a spiritual tragedy. “Jai Mashiha?” No phantom Christian has right to take His name in vain or abuse His name, for the third commandment forbids.



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